Redwood Salmon

Produced for
Friends of the Eel River

Inner Workings

2018, 90 frame loop
I made this to go in my Peephole Cinema Door for a pop-up show at Alchemy Distillery.

Moving Drawings

"Drawings From Life"

2018, 80 frame loop
Originally, the three moving drawings were created individually and presented on separate vertical screens. This is a compilation of the three. A moving drawing is a series of life drawings, all done from the exact same pose. The movement you see is that which comes from the differences between one life drawing and the next.

Black Spot Umbrella

2017, 39 second loop
My part of a collaboration with Artists Who Animate.


2017, 80 frame loop
This animation was made to be viewed through a peephole in a door.

Kinetic Convergences

"A Shape Shifting Animation for Meditation"

2014, 9 minutes
Brent Noel Eviston and I collaborated on this project using his drawings and my animation. Brent also created the musical sound track.

Wildberries Morph-o-rama

2009, 30 seconds, 675 index cards.
Original music by Brisa Roche and Jerome Mackowiak.

Arcata Eyeball

2010, 52 seconds, 43 index cards.

Humboldt Love

2010, 30 seconds, 155 index cards.
I made this film in one day to meet the deadline for a local themed contest... and won.

Larrupin' Cafe

1989, 45 seconds, 306 index cards.

Los Bagels

1988, 35 seconds, 267 index cards.